Andelaria is a recognized leader of the indigenous area of ​​Nacajuca since she began altruism and experienced social manager since she was 9 years old, for being a tireless fighter for the conservation of her roots and her language, she has received several distinctions such as Guardian of the Indigenous Language.

State Prize for Human Rights in the category of Defense of Human Rights “Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, which was awarded by the State Commission for Human Rights of Tabasco.

Candelaria has dedicated her life to altruism. Indigenous, born in Tucta, Nacajuca; she is 52 years old, she is the mother of three young people.

She is currently the President of the civil association Ixiktak y ja (Women and water) Cultural Heritage.

Pluricultural Governor of the Indigenous Peoples of Tabasco.

Member of the river basin council at the regional level.

Member of the environmental advisory council at SEMARNAT Tabasco.

She manages and develops productive and cultural projects. Advisor to the network of civil associations for peace in Tabasco