Miguel Ángel was born in Oaxaca, in Huajuapan de León, he is a person who has forged himself arduously through effort, tenacity, but above all knowing how to generate help and support networks throughout his life.

He has higher education studies, and has been able to attend diplomas and seminars on a variety of social, entrepreneurship, business improvement and political issues. He has participated as an associate and as a director in various social, political and business organizations in Oaxaca and Mexico.

His work experience was initially focused on some business organizations such as Grupo Arabela and Ladatel; However, his greatest development has been as a businessman, having various ventures throughout his professional life that have led him to be a successful businessman in Oaxaca and Mexico; An example of this is the gastronomic group called Tierra del Sol, which integrates 4 restaurants in the City of Oaxaca and points of sale throughout the Mexican Republic of which he is a member; Likewise, in recent years he has also become a consultant-advisor for strategic political networking and entrepreneurship. He being a strategic linker on issues of a political, union, social and business nature in Mexico.

Combining these two activities of entrepreneur and consultant-advisor, and thanks to his tenacity and experience in weaving collaborative networks in all the scenarios where he has developed, they have allowed him to be part of various projects that are making a difference in our country and region. , as is his incursion into union issues, civil associations, business and non-governmental organizations both in Mexico and in the United States and Central America; Miguel Ángel has known how to interrelate them effectively, with the different government public entities with the sole purpose of generating social value.