The network of affiliates from Fuerza Migrante has opened this fundraising effort to benefit Mexican or Latino migrants who are economically affected by the pandemic unleashed by the virus, COVID-19. Donations will be channeled through COFEM, a non-profit organization that are tax-deductible. All donations and disbursement of funds to beneficiaries will be audited with absolute transparency and accountability by the firm: Harrington Group.

Aid application for people affected by COVID-19 in the United States

DATA OF THE POSSIBLE BENEFICIARY: We ask you to try and fill as much data as possible, so you can help us evaluate your case more quickly.
Please insert your email as a means of contact.
state your nationality.

Describe Your Case

Try and give as much information if possible, this information is private.

La comunidad latina es reconocida por su solidaridad con sus prójimos en caso de emergencia, ahora es momento a quien año tras año ayudan a sus familias aquí y en sus países de origen.